Going for the One Tour
The Omni Coliseum
Atlanta, GA

The date 7-7-7 marked the 30th anniversary of the release of Going For The One, reuniting the "Classic Yes Line-up," so I thought it would be fun to seed the shows I have in my collection on or near the dates of their 30th anniversaries.

Audience recording, remastered 2/2002 by TheTooleMan
Lineage: tape (unknown gear, unknown generation) -> audio disk -> -> EAC -> Sound Forge -> FLAC

Equipment troubles in Atlanta brought a few unforeseen additions - and a notable deletion – from the usual setlist of the GFTO tour. Steve Howe’s pedal steel was not functioning when it came time to play “And You And I,” so Jon held down the fort with an improvised tour song – the first one of this tour - and an unplanned rendition of “Leaves of Green” while the techs tried to get the instrument working. After delaying for several minutes, the band launched into “And You And I” without the usual bombastic introduction, and Steve played the pedal steel parts on his guitar – a precursor to Trevor Rabin’s rendition! Since the pedal steel is central to the title track of the new album, it was dropped from the set. Two weeks into the tour, “Going for the One” had only been performed once, on August 23, in Detroit.

The recording quality is good overall, but would probably benefit from a new digital transfer with better equipment. Sound is clear and up-front, which is nice considering that The Omni is primarily a basketball arena.

August 25, 2007

Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Rick Wakeman (Keyboards)
Alan White (Drums)

Disk 1:
Firebird Suite
I've Seen All Good People
Close To The Edge
Wonderous Stories
Colours Of The Rainbow
Turn Of The Century
Premature Introduction
Atlanta Tour Song
Leaves of Green

Disk 2:
And You And I
Flight Jam
Starship Trooper