Seattle Center Coliseum
Seattle, WA
September 18, 1977
(first of two nights)


a BILL B. master audience recording/DOINKER DISCOVERY/TOOLEMAN REALIZATION Project

High resolution 24 bit 48,000 kHz recording mastered by TheTooleMan from the master cassette
Lineage: BILL B's unknown mono recorder -> Maxell UD C-90 tape -> Doinker's connections -> TheTooleMan -> 24 bit 48 kHz transfer -> mixing majic -> downsampled mix

What DOINKER wrote:

It has to be said that some artists are so restless and talented that they are never satisfied with simply playing their older tunes in concert. They stretch out in ways most other artists are unable to conceive of. I don't mean that they improvise by diddling with the chords (hey, I *like* the word "diddling". It's in the masturbation family, but it's not nearly as seedy in meaning). Yes look for so-called new ways to invent the wheel. The group wants to expand their sound and not to always play the same, and you get treated to something special almost every time you listen to them live.

Yes re-invent themselves on an as-needed basis. This means that you can never be sure the performance you hear will match your expectations, it will always be different. The fact that this concert is thirty-two years old and that it sounds fresh and uncontrived is proof of that process at work.

That's the purpose of listening to live concert material, isn't it?

What TheTooleMan wrote:

An amazingly good Yes concert. Nice recording, too. Thanks to Doinker for turning me on to this one. Fresh Yes material is a rare treat.

The 1977 "Going for the One" tour was a nice time for Yes. The band seemed to be in a joyous mood, the fans were glad to see
Wakeman back, and the music was fresh and beautiful.

The original tape had a couple of cuts that I patched using repeated verses from other spots in the same song. The master tapes are mono. The "CD" version was
enhanced with a small amount of "Acoustic Mirror" to give a bit more depth to the sound stage. This 24 bit, 48 kHz version of the recording was also patched, but
was left as mono to retain more of the original character of the recording.

Enjoy the experience.

December 2009

Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Rick Wakeman (Keyboards)
Alan White (Drums)
Firebird Suite
I've Seen All Good People
Close To The Edge
Wonderous Stories
Colours Of The Rainbow
Turn Of The Century
Tour Song
And You And I (nice place to end CD 1)

Going For The One
Flight Jam
Starship Trooper