Going for the One Tour
The Forum
Los Angeles, CA

REMASTERED by TheTooleMan, September 2007

The date 7-7-7 marked the 30th anniversary of the release of Going For The One, reuniting the "Classic Yes Line-up," so I thought it would be fun to seed the shows I have in my collection on or near the dates of their 30th anniversaries.

Audience recording by Mike Millard, remastered 2007 by TheTooleMan
Lineage: tape (unknown gear, unknown generation) -> DAT-> -> FLAC -> Sound Forge -> FLAC

Here's an excellent quality recording from Mike Millard, torrented by Mesquite on Dimeadozen just a few weeks ago. Yes is playing their hearts out,
but the volume level in The Forum is low, the crowd is rowdy, and the audio mix favors Chris Squire's bass for most of the show. If you are interested in listening closely to Fishy, here's your best chance yet.

This remaster helps the mix somewhat by pulling up the levels of the rest of the band. A number of small drop-outs were eliminated and one big speed variation in Awaken was flattened out with a little creative editing. The recording was equalized to brighten it up a little.

I must report that there were some howler monkeys in the audience on this particular evening. One was especially close to the microphones and tended to emit a loud G sharp for extended periods when excited. At the beginning of one particularly stimulating song, his pitch increased to A natural. To reduce his dominance, I set the parametric equalizer for his frequency and reduced the volume of his howling by -10 db. But he is still quite audible. I wonder if this sound was the poor creature's mating call, and if he was successful in finding a mate on this evening. I rather doubt it.

Special thanks to Mesquite for his thoughtfulness in providing the high-quality DAT copy of the original tape in time for this anniversary remaster.

September, 2007

Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Rick Wakeman (Keyboards)
Alan White (Drums)

Disk 1:
Firebird Suite
I've Seen All Good People
Close To The Edge
Wonderous Stories
Colours Of The Rainbow
Turn Of The Century
The Midnight Hour
And You And I

Disk 2:
Going for the One
Flight Jam
Starship Trooper