Date : Monday, September 26, 1977

City : Long Beach, California, United States Of America

Venue : Long Beach Arena

Capacity : 14,000

Lineup : Jon Anderson / Steve Howe / Chris Squire / Rick Wakeman / Alan White /

Setlist :

Firebird Suite
I've Seen All Good People
Close To The Edge
Wonderous Stories
Colours Of The Rainbow/Turn Of The Century
Tour Song
And You And I
Going For The One
Flight Jam/Awaken
Starship Trooper

Long Beach

Long Beach Arena, 26-September-1977, Long Beach CA
courtesy of Bob P.
Bob said:

"Someone sent me a copy of the 9/26/77 Long Beach Arena show recently (2 cdr 112m) and I was absolutely floored. This has always been my favorite show from the Going For the One tour for two reasons:

1) The tour didn't come to Denver in 1977 (neither did Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd - but that's another story). Being a senior in high school, I was devistated that no Yes show was never announced. However, downtown Denver had a great bootleg store back them called Waxtrax. Single LP were $5 and doubles were $10. I managed to find a copy of the 9/26/77 show (called Yesshows) although it was only a single LP. I played that thing to death, loving evey minute of it. It had most of Going for the One on it and it was wonderful. The sound quality was really nice.

2) Parallels was great, but the part that really floored me was the end of Turn of the Century. Steve plays the ending guitar part and then Rick's "choir" joins in near the end and it is just awesome, truly breathtaking!!

Well, now I get this complete version of the show and I have fallen in love with the show all over again. It is the best sound quality I have heard from the tour and one of the hottest performances, as well. Steve's playing is just incredible, Chris's bass is very loud and clear and you can actually hear the clicks of Ricks keys during Parallels and Close to the Edge. The sound quality is definitely a step up from the original LP with the bass much more present on this version. I would guess that this copy on cdr is very low-gen from the original analog master (if not ripped straight from the master itself).

In short, it is the best sounding show from 1977 in terms of sound quality and the performance is great, too. Included is a rare version of Starship Trooper that was soon dropped from the set list."

Two glitches exist that are native to the seed: Track 3 (ISAGP) 5:49 & 6:26 (although the 5:49 blip is known to have been corrected on some copies).

1) Firebird Suite
2) Parallels
3) I've Seen All Good People
4) Close To The Edge
5) Wonderous Stories
6) Colours Of The Rainbow
7) Turn Of The Century
8) Tour Song
9) And You And I
10) Going For The One

1) Flight Jam
2) Awaken
3) Starship Trooper
4) Roundabout