August 29, 1978 (Tuesday)

Buffalo Memorial Auditorium

Rochester, New York, USA

Jon Anderson

Steve Howe

Chris Squire

Rick Wakeman

Alan White

138 minutes (2nd Gen Cassettes)


01 Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra (Benjamin Britten)

02 Siberian Khatru

03 Heart Of The Sunrise

04 Future Times ~ Rejoice

05 Circus Of Heaven

06 Clap

07 Don't Kill The Whale

08 (Medley) Time and a Word
09 Long Distance Runaround
10 The Fish
11 Perpetual Change
12 Soon (Medley)
13 Release, Release

14 Parallels

15 Wakeman's Solo

16 Vevey

17 On The Silent Wings Of Freedom

18 Awaken

19 I've Seen All Good People

encore 1:

20 Roundabout

encore 2:

21 Going For The One

From the vast library of Bill B comes this 2nd gen tape of the 2nd night of the Tormato tour.
All of the problems with previous copies of this tape are present here, but this transfer is much crisper and clearer with no pops or clicks or major dropouts. There are still a few missing chunks, but it seems like nothing more than 10-15 seconds for a tape flip, and those all come between songs.

The background noise remains at the same level throughout, Jon's comments are easy to make out and everyone is pretty clear in the mix. Lots of crazy interplay between Howe & Wakeman... all these early "Release, Release" shows seem to have a very different vibe. GFTO was the final encore which I don't think was planned, but they were all having a ball so went for it.

The placement of "Clap" before the big medley may have been the taper's to fit it onto 2 tapes, but I think they really did play it in this order. There's a splice at the end of "Circus Of Heaven" right into the opening strums of the Clap, which is probably the 1st tape flip, definitely followed by the "DKtW". Thanks to the Yesyears box, we can title the little jam they did on this night as "Vevey," and it is an interesting placement leading into OtSWoF.

A really cool show. I just love all the commentary made by the tapers during the show. See? There were Yescritics at every tour!

The transfers were done quite a while back and Matt was kind enough to do a little bit of tweaking to this. His work was very subtle but I think is an improvement. Both the RAW and De-Hissed versions are included here, so you can now all go and remaster this to your heart's content.

2004 Transfer Details...
2nd Gen Cassette > TEAC Esoteric R-9000 > ONKYO SE-U55 > Sound Studio > AIFF > CDR(1)

Sound Studio was used for recording onto the Hard Drive, splitting into tracks, toast was used to burn to discs and thus verify the sector boundaries. The discs were sent to Matt and he did the EQ & dehiss, so then add to that lineage the another CDR and

2005 dehiss & EQ Details...
CDR > xACT (secure extraction) > Sound Studio (edit and tracking) > AIFF > CDR(1)

2008 Details...
CDR(1) > xACT (secure extraction, FLAC level 5, generate checksum) > dime > You

Here are the track times of the 4 discs included here.
I am positive about the playing order, but they are yours now, so feel free to change your mind.
August 29, 1978
RAW source discs (138:27)

disc one (71:40)

01 young person's guide 01:45
02 siberian khatru 10:07
03 heart of the sunrise 11:51
04 future times ~ rejoice 07:03
05 circus of heaven 04:51
06 clap 03:48
07 don't kill the whale 05:03
08 anniversary medley 27:08

disc two (66:47)

09 release release 06:45
10 parallels 06:12
11 wakeman solo 03:33
12 vevey 02:22
13 on the silent wings of freedom 09:00
14 awaken 16:24
15 i've seen all good people 07:42
16 roundabout 08:53
17 going for the one 05:51

August 29, 1978
dehiss + eq discs (138:08)

disc one (71:26)

01 young person's guide 01:32
02 siberian khatru 10:08
03 heart of the sunrise 11:50
04 future times ~ rejoice 07:03
05 circus of heaven 04:51
06 clap 03:51
07 don't kill the whale 05:26
big anniversary medley:
08 time and a word 04:37
09 long distance runaround 03:10
10 the fish 05:26
11 perpetual change 04:54
12 soon 08:32

disc two (66:41)

13 release release 06:39
14 parallels 06:22
15 wakeman solo 03:23
16 vevey 02:22
17 on the silent wings of freedom 09:00
18 awaken 16:24
19 i've seen all good people 07:44
20 roundabout 09:07
21 going for the one 05:35