I converted this audience show from my tape collection to CD and tweaked the sound. Do not know the lineage; got it in a trade years ago.

Providence Civic Center
Providence, RI
Sept. 1, 1978

Lineup: Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Alan White

CD 1
1. Young People's Guide To Orchestra
2. Siberian Khatru
3. Heart of the Sunrise
4. Future Times / Rejoice
5. Circus of Heaven
6. Time And A Word
7. Long Distance Runaround
8. The Fish
9. Perpetual Change
10. Soon
11. Madrigal pt.1 (spoken)
12. Release, Release
13. Clap

CD 2
1. Parallels
2. Madrigal pt.2 (spoken)
3. On The Silent Wings Of Freedom
4. Wakeman solo
5. Awaken
6. I've Seen All Good People
7. Roundabout
8. closing music