Jon Anderson- vocals
Steve Howe- guitar
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Chris Squire- bass
Alan White- drums
Springfield Civic Center
Springfield, Mass.
September 2, 1978
(incomplete recording, missing everything before "heart of the sunrise")
Sony TC-48 cassette deck (auto level, built in mike) >
TDK-AD master cassettes >
played on Nak. 300 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
runtime: 93:49
6 songs are missing from this recording.
1: madrigal (cuts in) > 1:58
2: heart of the sunrise 11:09
3: future times (rejoice) 7:18
4: circus of heaven 5:12
5: time and a word > 4:41
6: long distance runaround > 3:13
7: the fish > 4:49
8: perpetual change > soon (cuts, very soon into it) 6:18
9: tour song (just a few seconds) > clap 4:41
10: parallels 6:07
11: keyboard solo medley 4:40
12: awaken 16:50
13: all good people 8:08
14: roundabout 8:38
young person's guide to the orch. Siberian Khatru and part of Madrigal,
most of soon, all of don't kill the whale (after soon) and
on the silent wings of freedom (after parallels) are missing from this
recording. although it was recorded with my tapes and deck, I didn't
record it and wasn't there so I couldn't see what went wrong (and plenty
did). what is here came out pretty well, but why so much was missing
(besides taper arriving too late to save a drowning witch, oops, that was
another show) I don't know. the recording gets a B but the taper gets a
D+ for taper attentiveness in this recording, since there seems to
be several cuts in the recording (and I gave the taper 2 new 90 min.
cassettes to record this show). fortunately the only songs cut in here
are Madrigal (cuts into it) and soon (VERY soon, just as Perpetual Change
goes into it). it was not a short tour at all, just a short tour song here.
this is a very incomplete recording of 1978 Yes show in Springfield.
It's not real close up, not too far back, somewhere in between.
not alot of crowd noise, a few sections were monoized because of
one channel having brief static noises. this is now a good B quality
recording with no annoying flaws/bumps or loud crowd noise.
it's just missing six songs (not all in one part)
It's not a "great" performance, pretty standard show but a
good one.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.