September 06, 1978 (Wednesday)
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York, USA

Jon Anderson
Steve Howe
Chris Squire
Rick Wakeman
Alan White

35 minutes (1st gen partial cassette source)

Total Time (35:18)

01 starship trooper 08:14
02 madrigal 01:26
03 on the silent wings of freedom 08:29
04 wakeman solo 04:34
05 awaken (cut) 12:33

Not big one here, this came on disc as the 2nd half of RB's 9/7/78 cassette master. Easy enough to tell it wasn't, but he had no clue what it could be otherwise. All the clues are in the samples, but I'm going with 9/6 as the real date. Not stellar, but here it is!

yes_1978-09-06_01 starship trooper.flac:3f696a3c4de19f2ea9aceb846e9dd5a7
yes_1978-09-06_02 madrigal.flac:f2c565bc470cd31647e46ff09e8d2451
yes_1978-09-06_03 on the silent wings of freedom.flac:8fb8b82b1452bd3e03faa7fb8d32a733
yes_1978-09-06_04 wakeman solo.flac:fcd199d91bb0bda6bcd0be6763b6325f
yes_1978-09-06_05 awaken (cut).flac:a08c806d3c55f02ad8d6b4169dd8881e