Yes: The Lostbrook Tape Series Volume 127 (Series Finale)

This tape surprised me in many ways. For over thirty years, I've
had bad memories of "Tormato." Like some critics, I thought of
it as one of the last gasps of the progressive era. I'm sure I
never listened to the tape other than during the immediate aftermath
of the concert. Over the years that it lay forgotten, I had
convinced myself that it was poor, both in quality and performance.
I couldn't have been more wrong. I was startled to discover that
the quality was impressive and the performance was outstanding.
Compared to the previous tour, our lower level seats were nothing
special, but with the revolving center stage, they were much better
than we had anticipated. The sound system was extraordinary and
was perhaps the best we had ever heard at the Garden in that era.
Although the entire band is phenomenal this night, I consider this
to be a Steve Howe masterpiece (even though he does come in early
on "Awaken.") Anderson, Wakeman, and Squire have their jaw-dropping
moments here, but this is probably the best performance I've ever
captured of Steve Howe. I like everything about this tape, including
the "whoo" guy and the "air-horn" guy. After all these years, I even
find myself liking "Circus of Heaven" and "Don't Kill the Whale." The
biggest surprise for me however is that I am unable to find another
recording from this date. Reliable sources indicate that this is likely
the sole source for this concert. I can think of no better way to end
the series. Thanks for sharing this journey with me. Please see the
bonus material for acknowledgements, closing thoughts, additional
stories, and parting gifts.

September 9, 1978
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Recording Equipment: Internal Mic>Sanyo M2533 Tape Deck>(2)Maxell UDXLII C90>Alesis TapeLinkUSB> Audacity>WAV>CQ>FLAC

Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ
Artwork: ethiessen1

Disc One

01 The Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra (Benjamin Britten) (2:05)
02 Siberian Khatru (10:28)
03 Heart Of The Sunrise (11:40)
04 Future Times/Rejoice (7:11)
05 Circus Of Heaven (5:19)

Anniversary Medley: (Tracks 06-09)

06 Time And A Word> (4:12)
07 Long Distance Runaround>The Fish> (includes Survival and Ritual) (7:45)
08 Perpetual Change>The Gates Of Delirium> (6:42)
09 Soon (7:18)

10 Don't Kill The Whale (4:18)
11 Madrigal>Clap (5:39)

Disc Two

12 Starship Trooper (9:27)
13 Madrigal (reprise) (1:16)
14 On The Silent Wings Of Freedom (8:56)
15 Rick Wakeman Solo (includes Catherine of Aragon,
Catherine Howard, The Battle) (5:06)
16 Awaken (17:40)
17 I've Seen All Good People (9:06)
18 Roundabout (9:41)