Yes Live In Cleveland Ohio. Live At The Richfield Coliseum. Also Known As The Slab. September 19th. 1978.Tuesday @ 8:00 P.M.

Live From WMMS from Cleveland Ohio. Home Of The Buzzard, The Browns, The Burning River. What Can I Say About My Home Town?

Cleveland, City Of Lights, City Of Magic, Burn On Big River, Burn On! Thanks to Sartre, Newman And The Universe. Flac./FM.

Recorded thru a Kenwood model Eleven III. receiver onto an Akai GX-630D reel to reel using Scotch 207-7R-1800 tape,A 3M company using low noise bias setting.

This recording has not seen the light of day for 28 years, 7 months and 21 days.

Disc. 1

1.1 Close Encounters/Siberian Khatru
1.2 Heart Of The Sunrise
1.3 Future Times-Rejoice
1.4 Circus Of Heaven
1.5 Time And A Medley
1.6 Don't Kill The Whale
1.7 Madrigal/The Clap

Disc. 2

2.1 Starship Trooper
2.2 On The Silent Wings Of Freedom
2.3 The Six Wives Of Henry The 8th.
2.4 Awaken
2.5 I've Seen All Good People
2.6 Roundabout

Steve Howe, guitars
Alan White, drums
Rick Wakeman, keyboards
Chris Squire, basses
Jon Anderson, vocals, harp, other noises

recorded and mixed and upped by eggplant2.