YES - Inglewood, California
Great Western Forum
October 5, 1978

Although there are several great soundboards from this tour including
London 10-28-78, Qubec 4-18-79, and Chicago 6-9-79, this performance
and the excellent quality of this audience recording stand out to me.
In particular, I must have 60 different versions of Siberian Khatru,
but Howe's solo at the end on this evening really shines. There's
just a pure sound to the band during this period of touring that
comes through in this recording. I can't explain beyond these points
that I really like this particular show. The credit for this recording
goes to someone in YES trading circles (my apologies at not remembering)
who put together this fine tree, including the 10-6-78 show, several
years ago. This is not a soundboard, but it rates as a strong audience
recording, A- sound. Lineage below.

Remastered tape>CD-R tree trunk>CD-R tree branch>CD-R tree leaf>EAC>flac

Jon Anderson
Steve Howe
Chris Squire
Rick Wakeman
Alan White

Disc 1
1. Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
2. Siberain Khatru
3. Heart of the Sunrise
4. Future Times - Rejoice
5. Circus of Heaven
6. Time and a Word
7. Long Distance Runaround
8. The Fish
9. Perpetual Change
10. Soon
11. Don't Kill the Whale
12. Madrigal Recitation
13. Clap

Disc 2
1. Starship Trooper
2. On the Silent Wings of Freedom
3. Rick Wakeman Solo
4. Awaken
5. I've Seen all Good People
6. Roundabout
7. Exit Music
Bonus Tracks
8. Arriving UFO (Boston 6-19-79)
9. Parallels (Boston 8-31-78)

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