Here is the companion interview I posted about on the Yes - Toronto 4-20-1979 show. I actually got the facts a little skewed: it wasn't a female caller, it was a male caller. I've corrected the post on that torrent (I odn't know why I thought it was a female; had a brain fart I guess).

Chris Squire
CHUM FM radio
Toronto, Canada
April 19, 1979

lineage: cassette I got in a trade back in the 80's > PC > SoundForge > WAV > FLAC > you

CD (approx 36 minutes)
1. round stage
2. 2nd solo album
3. the Fish nickname
4. caller
5. caller (the CTTE request)
6. caller
7. caller
8. Tormato
9. collecting & effects
10. playing bass
11. bass players