I was going through some old CDs laying around my desk and I came across one labeled Yes 4-27-79 Madison, WI. I have no idea who I got it from. So I looked at my Yes collection list and it was not on there. I ripped the CD and found it to be one 25 minute track. I popped it into Sound Forge and found that it was only the last 25 minutes of the show, but it was a soundboard! So now it's in my collection and I'm posting it on DIME for those that want it in their collection. I don't do artwork nor do I have any for this short show, but I did include the 500x500 one I made for my iPod so you have something (it's not very good, but does the job for me).

If anyone has a more complete version of this please post it! It is not on Remy's site nor does Forgotten Yesterdays say there is a recording of it.

Dane County Memorial Coliseum
Madison, WI

1. Awaken (ending only)
2. Tour Song
3. I've Seen All Good People
4. Roundabout
5. Exit Music



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