Houston TX
Sam Houston Coliseum

Half-decent but rare recording stereo audience recording of Yes as they neared the end of their 1978-79 anniversary tour. Many stage announcements were cut, and one or two songs from the long medley were not captured during the original taping at the show.

My best guess at lineage: First-generation tape, engineered with crossfades, fade-outs, and volume adjustments during the dubbing process.

Minor level adjustments made by TheTooleMan, June 2011 to eliminate clipping. No other EQ or mastering techniques were applied.

Tracks are as they appeared on the CD's I received from PR.

June, 2011

Disk 1
01: Close Encounters
02: Siberian Khatru
03: Heart of the Sunrise
04: Future Times
05: Rejoice
06: Circus of Heaven
07: Time and a Word
08: The Fish (featuring discussion about cutting "Long Distance Runaround")
09: Perpetual Change
10: The Gates of Delirium/Soon

Disk 2
01: Clap
02: And You And I
03: Starship Trooper
04: Rick Wakeman
05: Awaken
06: Tour Song
07: All Good People
08: Roundabout

Date : Sunday, June 03, 1979
City : Houston, Texas, United States Of America
Venue : Sam Houston Coliseum
Capacity : 9,200
Lineup :
Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Rick Wakeman (Keyboards)
Alan White (Drums)
Setlist :
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Siberian Khatru
Heart Of The Sunrise
Future Times/Rejoice
Circus Of Heaven
Time And A Word/Long Distance Runaround/Survival/The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)/Perpetual Change/Soon
And You And I
Starship Trooper
Wakeman Solo
Tour Song
I've Seen All Good People