Please Weed

June 9, 1979 (International Amphitheatre- Chicago, Illinois)

1.1 Introduction 0:55
1.2 Siberian Khatru 9:51
1.3 Heart of the Sunrise 11:39
1.4 Future Times / Rejoice 7:25
1.5 Circus of Heaven 5:07
1.6 Time and a Word 4:24
1.7 Long Distance Runaround 3:13
1.8 Fish 4:38
1.9 Survival 3:34
1.10 Perpetual Change 4:41
1.11 Soon 8:44
1.12 Clap (Extended Version) 6:01
Disc - 70:12

2.1 And You and I 10:59
2.2 Starship Trooper 12:04
2.3 Wakeman Solo 6:09
2.4 Awaken 17:29
2.5 Tour Song 2:50
2.6 All Good People 7:07
2.7 Roundabout 8:50
Disc - 65:28

Jon Anderson - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Harp and Percussion
Steve Howe - Lead Guitars and Vocals
Chris Squire - Bass Guitars and Vocals
Rick Wakeman - Keyboards
Alan White - Drums and Percussion

“Going Around”

Yes were in the midst of a grueling 60 show US tour. Tonight’s performance was the
43rd gig since the tour began in April and the 7th night in a row of scheduled work. Only the
cancelled show in Kansas City 3 nights earlier –from an unstable roof- gave them a reprieve. But
now they were in Chicago, a city they knew quite well. The band had played here 14 times before,
if you include the performance the night before this one. The International Amphitheatre was
also familiar to the band. They had played this venue 9 times before, with the last visit
September 24th 1978. The setlist for tonight was quite similar to what was played during their
last visit. For this evening, the guys would replace ‘Silent wings of Freedom’ and ‘Don’t Kill
the Whale’ with ‘And You And I’ and a Tour song; the rest of the material would remain
essentially the same.
This tour marked the 10th anniversary for the band. The tour book used at the time
makes reference to this with words from Dan Hedges: “With their tenth anniversary behind them,
Yes, as strong as ever, are embarking on this tour, the opening event of their second decade.
Although the band is looking to the future with the same kind of energy that has always made
Yes so existing, it seems not a bad time to recap some of the events of the last ten years.
As an on-going idea, Yes have been around for ten years now, yet they've collectively got
this strange disinterest in most things remotely concerning their past. Sure, they'll walk
out on stage and blast through 'Roundabout', 'Starship Trooper', 'Siberian Khatru', and
'Close To The Edge'. That's music. They still love those as much as always, and they'll
probably be playing some of them tonight. But when it comes down to things like times,
dates, places, events, and slapping themselves on the back for past achievements, you'll
more often than not get a mystified shrug with a "... but does it really matter?". Yes are
totally aware that it's you - the people who buy their albums and come to see them - who are
the main reason why Yes remain alive and well. Ten years on, they thank you for that.

Notes from the Re-Master

Generally, this was a very good radio broadcast recording. Noise reduction was only used in a
few selected regions. The left channel volume was about 20% below the right consistently
throughout the show. This was corrected. Crackle and pops were numerous and needed to be removed.
Finally, a few tonality adjustments were made. All in all, a very good recording with strong
music signal and great detail