Atlanta, GA
The Omni Coliseum

** Low-Circulation Recording **

Here's a rare, fairly good recording of Yes from Alec B. and Paulie. I haven't done much to this one other than rip it (EAC) and FLAC it.

Yes is at the end of a two-week run without a night off.

June, 2011

Date : Monday, June 25, 1979
City : Atlanta, Georgia, United States Of America
Venue : Omni Coliseum, The
Capacity : 17,000
Lineup :
Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Rick Wakeman (Keyboards)
Alan White (Drums)

Disk 1:
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Siberian Khatru
Heart Of The Sunrise
Future Times
Circus Of Heaven
Time And A Word
Long Distance Runaround
Survival/The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)/Perpetual Change/Soon
Arriving UFO

Disk 2:
Starship Trooper
Wakeman Solo
Leaves Of Green
Tour Song
I've Seen All Good People

Forgotten Yesterdays lists "Clap" and "And You And I" as if they were both performed. However, I think "And You And I" was probably not performed as "Arriving UFO" had replaced it in the usual set by this point of the tour.