Yes Drama Sessions 1980, Upgrade and more complete, with samples.

Drama Sessions
The Town House studios
London UK
18 April 1980

1. The Yes Song 4:50 an early take of Tempus Fugit
2. Who Makes The Tea 5:23 a.k.a. Untitled 1
3. Does It Ever Happen (To You) 6:20 an early take of Does It Really Happen?
4. To The Light 4:29 an early take of Run Through The Light
5. Satellite 7:09

This sounds absolutely pristine, A+.

At this moment Yes were
Chris Squire - Bass
Steve Howe - Guitars
Alan White - Drums

and all tracks are 3 piece instrumentals

The FLAC files (created April 2004) received in a trade (summer 2007) have not been altered.
The original checksums and info file are in the OriginalFiles folder.
This info file has been revised and new checksums made because 3 tracks were removed from the original FLAC file set.
I don't know for sure but this is probably from the CD "Drama Sessions: Original Master" - White Rock Research.
Cover art is included, as it was then, where the source is given as: Master Reel>CDR>EAC>CDR>EAC>FLAC.
So add to that: >DIME>you.

Just to be clear, 'Satellite' is nothing like 'Song No.4 (Satellite)', and it includes bits of a bassline that later became 'I'm Running'.

Many thanks to whoever wrote the note at the end of this page (Eric?), his friend Chuck, and Rudi for the trade.
The original FLAC file set had this tracklist

1. Yes Song
2. Who Makes The Tea
3. Does It Ever Happen (To You)
4. Song No. 4
5. To The Light
6. Go Through This
7. Satellite
8. Fly From Here

The following tracks were removed. The CD cover art and original checksums refer to them & have not been changed,
4. Song No. 4 [removed, officially released on Drama Expanded & Remastered, Elektra/ Rhino R2 73795]
6. Go Through This [removed, buy the Drama Rhino CD see above]
8. Fly From Here [removed, it was was identical to,
"Yes We Can Fly From Here Studio Version 1980", so download that and add it yourself.]

The notes below were with the original FLAC file set.

And of course, this recording is for free, lossless, gapless sharing only - never for sale, only make mp3s for personal use, support live music, and buy official releases.

Nov 13? 2010

============================= from the original info file April 2005 ==========================
Lineage that I know CDR>EAC>FLAC

Here's the story....

A guy I work with's neighbor's friend bought an old building in Atlanta a while back and apparently at one time it was some sort of recording studio. Well in the process of cleaning out the place he went up to the attic and discovered all these old tapes. So he tells his friend about it and says one of them is by a band called Yes. Well the friend says you have to copy that one to CD and give it to my neighbor as he is a huge Yes fan. Well he gave me a copy which according to him it is a rehearsal or something when they were working on the Drama album. I have no other info, but the person that made the CD photographed the actual tape case and made a CD cover from it. The information below was taken from this photo. I am still trying to get a scan of the photo but as of yet have been unable to do so.
It probably was not all taped on the 18th but I am using that date as that is what was on the Tape case.

Many thanks to my friend Chuck for this one.

The Town House
150 Goldhawk Road
London WI2 Tel. 01-743-9313

Client: Yes Music
Artiste: Yes
Producer: Eddie
Engineer: Hugh Padgham/George Chambers