Lilitz rehearsals
18th August 1980
Quality C+
62 minutes
Portable cassette recording
Artwork included
Clevor Trevor Refix
For diehard fans only.

Lineage Trade>EAC>WAV>Audacity>Flac>Dime.

1 And You And I
2 We Can Fly From Here
3 Starship Trooper
4 Parallels
5 Yes Medley Machine Messiah Heart Of The Sunrise Close To The Edge
Siberian Khatru Wurm. Dream Theater with Steve Howe London 31/1/95.

Clevor Trevors notes................
This is the Drama rehearsals for the then upcoming 1980 tour.
Quality isn't too good and thats being kind. It was a tone slower
(that's two frets on the guitar) Did a quick speed correction in Audacity.
It's a bit hissy. No noise reduction was used. For die hard or completists only.
We're all on diets so didn't eat anything while doing this.