Several years ago I gathered up all the sources I had to this FM broadcast and made a 2-disc set which was the most complete version of the show I'd heard. Thanks go to Dave E. for providing me with those elusive UK version tracks. Here is the show minus the commercially released tracks. This runs about 67 minutes. Regardless of who/what screwed up the broadcast we have about 3/4 of the show. We are missing the Young Peoples Guide to Orchestra intro, Does It Really Happen, maybe Parallels (they were still playing it at this point in the tour), and Amazing Grace/The Fish.

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Madison Square Garden
Sept. 6, 1980

Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Alan White, Geoff Downes, Trevor Horn

1. Yours Is No Disgrace (cuts in)
2. Into The Lens
3. Clap
4. And You & I
-- Go Through This (removed)
5. Man In A White Car
-- We Can Fly From Here (removed)
-- Tempus Fugit (removed)
6. The Fish (11 seconds)
7. Machine Messiah (mono)
8. Starship Trooper
9. Roundabout