This is a re seed from MattP/ Kitty Lickin' Discs

"Drama In Dallas"
(Kitty Lickin' Discs)
Reunion Arena
Dallas, Texas
Quality B-
Sound a bit echoey
Artwork included

Artwork by Slipperman Productions (SP2003-012/013)


Sourced from a tape of unknown generation.
Some dehissing and minor EQ performed using WaveLab.


notes from the seed (Matt P.):

I listened to this one the other day in its entirety. It sounds
pretty nice, a few minor issues. There is a tape flip at the very
end of "Clap" and one after "Tempus Fugit." Almost all the music
is intact but both Steve and Chris' introductions are missing.

The audience is chatty in places, but I did enjoy the tapers
commentary. "I got another tape ready to go...just in case they
bust into 'Gates Of Delirium' ". Classic. They were trying to
determine where to swap tapes, and were surprised by the
inclusion of "Parallels" in the set. Anyway, its a good sounding
show....not as good as my recent 2001 and 2002 trees, but hey,
this is twenty years earlier! It is the best sounding Drama show
I've heard.


YES was:
Geoff Downes, keyboards
Trevor Horn, vocals
Steve Howe, guitar
Chris Squire, bass
Alan White, drums

DISC ONE (70:13)
1 Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra - 3:12
2 Does It Really Happen? - 6:58
3 Yours Is No Disgrace - 11:16
4 Into The Lens - 8:51
5 Clap - 5:00
6 And You And I - 10:35
7 Go Through This - 4:27
8 Man In A White Car Suite - 7:17
9 Parallels - 6:17
10 We Can Fly From Here - 6:17

DISC TWO (47:50)
1 Tempus Fugit - 5:55
2 Amazing Grace/The Fish - 10:37
3 Machine Messiah - 11:36
4 Starship Trooper - 11:50
5 Roundabout - 7:49