Cow Palace
Daly City, CA
Oct. 6, 1980
Quality B-
Audience Recording
Artwork Included
Time:77 Minutes
Drama 35th Anniversary

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This is a re seed from Dime.Thanks to Relayerman the original uploader.
Stick with it the sound quality improves after the first song.
Sounds like a bit of tape streching on The Fish.

Relayermans Notes.......................

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I got this show in a trade on tape way back during the '80s and I would guess its at least 2nd gen and is incomplete (I have never seen a complete version of this show so if anyone has one...). My notes tell me that the 1st song is from a different source, but the same show. The recording itself is chopped up; meaning the taper probably stopped the tape between songs, but they are in the correct order. There is also some tape 'swirling' that is on my tapes so I can't correct that, but it only happens a few times at the beginning of some of the songs.

1. Into The Lens
2. And You & I
3. Go Through This
4. Man In A White Car Suite
5. We Can Fly From Here
6. Tempus Fugit
7. The Fish
8. Machine Messiah
9. Starship Trooper