Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre
Edinburgh Scotland
November 30th 1980 Drama Tour
Audience recording
Clever Trevor Refix
Quality B
Artwork included in shocking tartan.

Geoff Downes
Trevor Horn
Steve Howe
Chris Squire
Alan White

lineage: Trade>EAC>WAV>Audacity>FLAC>Dime

Disc 1 (46:54)
01 intro
02 Does It Really Happen
03 Yours is No Disgrace
04 Into the Lens
05 Clap
06 And You and I (Slight Cut)

Disc 2 (45:21)
01 Go Through This
02 Man in the White Car suite
03 We Can Fly From Here
04 Tempus Fugit
05 The Fish
06 Machine Messiah (cuts out at 4:24)

Clever Trevors Notes
Raised the volume slightly and brought up the left channel as it was about
nearly 10% quieter,except on Machine Messiah where the right channel was
nearly 10% lower (work that one out) took out the odd harsh noise and clicks.
Almost forgot Happy Birthday to Trevor Horn 62 today 15th July.....

Original notes..........
Played but not on this recording: Starship Trooper, Roundabout,
Man in a White Car (a capella) (from Forgotten Yesterdays)
Notes: Very good to almost excellent (though incomplete) 'Drama' era
performance. Edinburgh proves to be a tough crowd, as they jeer Geoffrey Downes when his keyboard solo moves into 'Video Killed the Radio Star'
Thats putting it mildly......To those of a nervous disposition or easily offended, they ask him to go forth and fornicate,and one of those is very near our taper! Ironic really as Asia have played this song on past tours to applause all over the U.K. I doubt Geoff has nightmares about it,as i'm sure worse things have happened to him,for example Asia played in Newcastle (my home Town) several years ago.Someone jumped up on stage after the encore hugged and lifted Geoff up,then dropped him outch!