By request here is another 1980 Yes show from the Drama tour. The tour is almost over and it has taken its toll on Trevor Horn's voice. Quite evident in this recording. I got this in a trade some time ago on tape. The first 2 tracks are a bit muffled probably due to the taper's mics being hidden, but I'm guessing. I might have been able to brighten them up a bit, but there is already some hiss so brightening may have introduced even more. Hence, I chose not to try.

lineage: tape (gen unkown) > PC > SoundForge > CD > FLAC > you

Apollo Theatre
Manchester, UK
Dec. 6, 1980

lineup: Trevor Horn, Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Alan White

Disc 1
1. Young Person's Guide To Orchestra
2. Does It Really Happen
3. Yours Is No Disgrace
4. Into The Lens
5. Clap
6. And You & I
7. Go Through This
8. Man In A White Car Suite

Disc 2
1. We Can Fly From Here
2. Tempus Fugit
3. Amazing Bass / The Fish
4. Machine Messiah
5. Starship Trooper
6. Roundabout (cut at the end)