Jon Anderson- vocals
Trevor Rabin- guitar (and some vocals)
Tony Kaye- keyboards
Chris Squire- bass
Alan White- drums
Brendan Byrne Arena
Meadowlands, New Jersey, U.S.A.
May 7, 1984
1st gen. audience tape (mastered with Sony D-6 and unknown mike, probably also a Sony model)
runtime: 135:07 (minutes/seconds)

disc 1: 59:54
1: cinema
2; leave it
3: yours is no disgrace
4; drums > hold on
5: hearts
6: all good people (end spliced, tape flip)
7: keyboard solo (Tony Kaye)
8: Solly's beard (Tony and Trevor duet)
9: changes

disc 2: 75:13
10: and you and I
11: soon the light
12: make it easy > owner of a lonely heart
13: it can happen (end spliced, tape flip)
14: long distance runaround > whitefish
(with tempus fugit and amazing grace excerpts)
15: city of love
16: starship trooper
17: roundabout
1st gen. cassettes (Maxell XLII) > played on Nak. 125 into soundforge (WAV) >
FLAC (SB's aligned) > torrentially yours.
I recieved this in a trade just a few months after the show.
digitized for posting for the first time from this tape in
September 2009. there is a very slight cut-in to long distance
runaround after a tape flip (just a few seconds into it). that
is the only missing part of this show. although hardly an ideal
venue (arena) for a yes show, the taper of this found a section
with good sound and not alot of crowd interference.
maybe Trevor Rabin isn't an "original" yes member, but he did
a good job in this concert, and the rest of this group is really
yes, so I don't have to say it's yes, sorta/kinda/maybe.
It's not from Close to the Edge or Tales from T.O. (or even
Relayer) but this really is a Yes torrent. (it's even got Jon
Anderson in it). This appears to be the whole show, since they
weren't adding "I'm Down" or "sweet dreams" or anything else
that I've heard after the roundabout in this tour as they
occasionally did in 75 and 76 era. some of these 84 shows
were good, others not so good. This was a pretty good show.
thanks to Phil in Binghampton for making a nice recording of it
and sharing a 1st gen. copy with me from his master cassettes.
there is a little volume variation in the 1st track from getting
the levels set but after that, to quote the great Adrian Belew
(not heard in this band's shows), "it remains consistent". I haven't
seen this one circulating so thought I'd share this one.
Do not sell this recording.
(that makes yes say no)
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.