I'm still converting my CDs to iPod and now I'm doing the Yes 90125 tour. I Realize that I don't have this show on CD, but I do in my tape collection. I pull them out and also download a few tracks from Songs of the Earth website to see if indeed they are from the same source. They are! However... what I find right off the bat is that the channels are out of phase and the sound, while stereo-like, is very tinny and no bass. I invert one of the channels and, boy, what a difference!

This is rated as a near excellent sounding show on Songs of the Earth website, but it was noted in the info there about the very tinny sound and no bass. I set to work with my tools and now we have an excellent show. I fixed all the channel phasing, speed-corrected, re-tracked where I thought necessary, and fixed some small imperfections such as slight gaps. On Songs of the Earth website Whitefish is broken into 2 tracks. I combined them into one and the merge sounds seamless, but probably something is missing. I ran all tracks through Ozone 8 Advanced using the Mastering Assistant and then giving it some slight tweaks. Then ran it through Rx Final Mix to increase the fidelity some. While the show is listed as an audience recording it could easily pass as FM quality. BTW, the way it is tracked it can be played as one continuous show. If written to CD then start disc 2 with Soon.

One thing my tape had that the show on Songs of the Earth website did not was a radio promo for the show. I've included it at the beginning. I've also included the artwork from Songs of the Earth website for the show.

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Uniondale, NY

01. Radio Promo
02. Cinema
03. Leave It
04. Yours Is No Disgrace
05. Hold On
06. Hearts
07. I've Seen All Good People
08. Si
09. Solly's Beard
10. Changes
11. And You And I
12. Soon
13. Make It Easy / Owner Of A Lonely Heart
14. It Can Happen
15.Long Distance Runaround
16. Whitefish
17. Amazing Grace
18. City Of Love
19. Starship Trooper
20. Roundabout



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