Yes - Say Yes (liberated bootleg)
Festhalle, Frankfurt
BRD (West Germany)

Recorded from my 3 original vinyl LP's using:

- Philips GA212 turntable
- Philips 422 pickup element
- HQ Stereo Phono Pre-Amplifier PRE AMP-220
- $3 RCA-to-minijack cable
- MSI P55-GD55 (MS-7589) motherboard with
- on board Realtek High Definition Audio sound
- Vinyl Studio V8.2.2 (c) Alpinesoft (recording and track splitting)
- (recorded in 44.1 KHz 16 bits to flac5)

No equalizing, declicking, dehissing or whatever on the recordings.

Although the comment on the sleeve says this concert is from 1984-06-29, the
trackorder suggests it is from another time and location. This site shows a
different track order. A nice puzzle for a die hard Yes fan, feel free to give
the correct information ;-)

01 Cinema
02 Leave It
03 Yours Is No Disgrace
04 Hold On
05 Hearts
06 I've Seen All Good People
07 Si
08 Solly's Beard
09 Changes
10 And You And I
11 Soon
12 Make It Easy/Owner Of A Lonely Heart
13 It Can Happen
14 Long Distance Runaround - Whitefish
15 Whitefish (cont'd)
16 City Of Love - Starship Trooper
17a Starship Trooper (cont'd fade out)
17b Starship Trooper (cont'd fade in) [tapeflip]
18 Roundabout

Artwork included: frontside and backside of the album sleeve.
The labels of the LP's are clear white, the sides are numbered:
Y-84001/A, Y-84001/B, Y-84002/A, Y-84002/B, Y-84003/A, Y-84003/B