08/23/84 Toronto, ON Maple Leaf Garden 2:12 2CD AUD VG
Canadian National Exhibition Coliseum - Toronto

Disc One
1.01 Cinema (4:17)
1.02 Leave It (4:27)
1.03 Our Song (6:01)
1.04 Hold On (8:00)
1.05 Hearts (9:29)
1.06 I've Seen All Good People (7:12)
1.07 Si (4:49)
1.08 Solly's Beard (4:50)
1.09 Changes (7:34)
1.10 And You And I (11:13)
1.11 Soon (2:59)

Disc Two
2.01 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (6:22)
2.02 It Can Happen (7:21)
2.03 Amazing Grace ~ Whitefish (9:57)
2.04 City Of Love (11:21)
2.05 Starship Trooper (15:26)
2.06 Roundabout (5:25)
2.07 Gimme Some Lovin' (4:52)

Comments: Lineage: cassette (1st gen?) > Onkyo TA-RW313 > Wavelab 4.0 > CDWAV > FLAC. Paul G found his old cassettes of this show while packing for a move. He sent the tapes to me, very old "Cassion AX1" tapes. I transfered them to the PC via my old Onkyo TA-RW313 cassette deck. I then did some sound adjustments using Wavelab (volume corrections, light dehissing and a slight high end lift). There is some tape damage here and there, but overall I'm very surprised at how nice this one sounds, especially considering the quality of the cassette tapes.
Many thanks to the original taper and trader Remy.

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