4th September 1984
The Arts Center At Garden State (The Garden States Art Center)
Holmdel, New Jersey, United States
Soundboard Recording
90125 Tour
Artwork Included
Quality B+
Time 132.22

Lineage TradeCDR>EAC>HD>Dime

Thanks to Scottie (who else?) for the trade.
Expect some 90125 documentaries to come,has it really been almost 30 years?

For Mia,think of you during Hearts

Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Tony Kaye (Keyboards)
Trevor Rabin (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Alan White (Drums)

Disc One
1. Intro/Cinema
2. Leave It
3. Our Song
4. Hold On
5. Hearts
6. I've Seen All Good People
7. Si
8. Solly's Beard
9. Changes
10. And You And I

Disc Two
1. Soon
2. Make It Easy
3. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
4. It Can Happen
5. Amazing Grace/Whitefish
6. City Of Love
7. Starship Trooper
8. Roundabout
9. Gimme Some Lovin'

At the time of the show this open-air venue was called The Garden State Arts Center and not The PNC Bank Arts Center.
Two Warner Brothers cartoons served as the opening act.
Joined a couple of tracks,did a couple of fades.
Checked SBE's with Trader's Little Helper.
Info from Forgotten Yesterdays.


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