Hartford Civic Center Coliseum
Hartford, Conneticut
December 3, 1987

Jon Anderson
Tony Kaye
Trevor Rabin
Chris Squire
Alan White

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Disc 1:

01 Almost Like Love
02 Hold On
03 Heart of the Sunrise
04 Changes
05 Big Generator
06 Shoot High, Aim Low
07 Holy Lamb
08 Solly's Beard

Disc 2:

01 Rhythm of Love
02 Make It Easy (intro) / Owner of a Lonely Heart
03 Yours is No Disgrace
04 Amazing Grace
05 And You and I ('Apocalypse' opening)
06 Wurm
07 I've Seen All Good People
08 Roundabout (short version)

Notes: decent to very good audience recording from the beginning
of the 'Big Generator' tour. There are spots that sound as though
the taper is pulling the mike in and out of their pocket, making an
annoying scratching sound for a moment.

For what it's worth, I first came to Yes via 90125, and though
I ultimately came to prefer the 'classic' incarnation, I still
think Rabin was a heckuva player and a good songwriter. His takes
on Steve Howe's old material are somewhat controversial (coughs)
amongst Yes fans, but, I think they're fun, if not definitive.

Trade freely, never buy or sell. I wouldn't do it to you.
Relax, breathe and don't freak out. Namaste.

Disc 1\01 Track01.flac:0afef8b1c6c3b66fb61e1addcf554041
Disc 1\02 Track02.flac:2db3f222146a30f6b711e8d29ad43691
Disc 1\03 Track03.flac:30d15c8b197e673624791888d034af0c
Disc 1\04 Track04.flac:a6e0b2c80585b3092b2b2658be2b14cd
Disc 1\05 Track05.flac:ff0b8481efe8c9cf982e193ba75808c2
Disc 1\06 Track06.flac:286447e8607d0cc313da7780904955c8
Disc 1\07 Track07.flac:323d222df9b75eb2e66832e1320d8add
Disc 1\08 Track08.flac:5210beb1fc73581aeef2883ea057b974
Disc 2\01 Track01.flac:c4d11e4d6247b3f105197faa071aa258
Disc 2\02 Track02.flac:a135bc12a835d21806b9774677a10048
Disc 2\03 Track03.flac:8ebca7c5b97bc5b31633c9c2b4412653
Disc 2\04 Track04.flac:ca02eff8f7da5057271661ab6c532c6c
Disc 2\05 Track05.flac:fa81fada6acb2de60a9c5bc79968dfab
Disc 2\06 Track06.flac:84b3c3450efaae9345310d3bd628d152
Disc 2\07 Track07.flac:7f8e923b0520fdba1faf1557b2e1bfbd
Disc 2\08 Track08.flac:959a687cdcd113f0d1cc163964954bee

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