Yes - Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJ
December 18, 1987

Received in trade. unknown equipment and generation

audience recording > Maxell XL-II 90 (X2)> Denon DRW-850 > TLH > Make Torrent 2 > dime
azimuth calibrated and SBE corrected.

This is a good sounding recording. I am only uploading this because the original taper hasn't already
as far as I am aware and I was there so I want to save it for posterity.

01-Almost Like Love
02-Alan White drum intro > Hold On
03-Heart Of The Sunrise
04-Big Generator
06-Shoot High Aim Low
07-Holy Lamb
08-Trevor Rabin's solo
09-Owner Of A Lonely Heart
10-Yours Is No Disgrace
11-Nous Sommes Du Soliel
12-Chris Squire- Amazing Grace
13-And You And I
14-Starship Trooper: Wurm
15-Love Will Find A Way
16-I've Seen All Good People

Holy shit, what can I say about this version of "Yes". If you can even call them that. Sorry, this is all my opinion.
I obviously liked it enough to go but if this is not the worst line up of Yes there ever was then I don't know what is.
The Big Generator material is terrible and the renditions of the old stuff is crap. They turn Wurm from Starship Trooper into
the length of the original whole song. They sound sloppy and not well rehearsed. And by the end, the 11pm curfew was so fastly
approaching that Roundabout sounds liked its played in double time when they should have just dropped it from the set that night.
I know some of you may not agree but this version of Yes should be ashamed of themselves. Enjoy everyone.

Please DO NOT SELL or redistribute in lossy formats.