Municipal Auditorium
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
February 10, 1988

Jon Anderson
Trevor Rabin
Chris Squire
Tony Kaye
Alan White

Lineage: (from the taper) Known lineage is a forgotten cheap brand K-Mart style cassette recorder (with built in mic), a
forgotten cassette brand, transferred from cassette to Cakewalk Pyro and track splits made with Cakewalk Pyro (estimating
15 or more years ago), burned onto two CDs, extracted today with EAC (Exact Audio Copy), FLAC (level 8) using Traders Little
Helper, then tagged with MP3Tag.

Tracklist (1:30:01):

01 Rhythm of Love
02 Hold On
03 Heart of the Sunrise
04 Big Generator
05 Changes
06 Holy Lamb
07 Solly's Beard
08 Make It Easy / Owner of a Lonely Heart
09 Yours Is No Disgrace
10 Wurm
11 Love Will Find a Way
12 I've Seen All Good People
13 Roundabout

Notes: Here's another master from Mike, who had previously shared his lightly circulated ABWH Memphis show; this was is likely
the same source as what Remy has shared on his site, but, this version is with the known lineage. I'll let Mike provide further
comments -

"I was totally into the Big Generator CD at the time and was very glad Yes stopped in Nashville. Back when there was good FM
radio in Nashville they were playing Love Will Find A Way occasionally around this time. This show has definitely been traded
a few times on cassette. I don't remember trading it on CD but can't say for sure. It was one of the first shows I transferred
from cassette to CD when I got my first CD burning software."

As noted before, I love this tour - when I met my beloved wife, she showed me her ticket stub collection (dating back to seeing
Andy Gibb in 1978!) and I noted that she and I were at that first Yesshow that I attended in 1988 (she had actually also seen
them in '84). I knew then and there that we were meant to be together! Not everyone feels the same about YesWest as I do - which
is to say, that I love all eras of Yes, Steve Howe is my favorite guitar player, but, '80s Yes is where I came into the picture.

This recording appears to be missing a section of it, between Yours Is No Disgrace and Wurm (as well as Shoot High, Aim Low, if
that was played), but, this is a welcome addition, indeed - thank you, Mike!

Please don't profit from this transfer - share it, post it, give it away, but, don't make money off of it.