Here's today's YES trifecta. I present the most complete, best sounding Union demos available. This is the Union demos set to have IMHO. I had several other Union sessions that I traded for over the years (Union pre-mixes, She Walks Away demos, etc.) and have found all other versions to be inferior, and, in fact, I believe they are all sourced from this magnificent set. The sound quality varies a bit, but its so awesome to hears some of these songs in their original form. It's like hearing the songs again for the very first time - the way they were meant to be enjoyed. If you enjoy the Union LP and have never heard these demos before, you are in for a pleasant surprise. My only complaint is that my favorite Trevor Yes tune 'Miracle of Life' is not present. Check the cool samples

***** 44 khz / 16 bit version ***** (CD Version)


1990 - 1991

Union Demos and Outtakes

'Perfect Union' cdr

Unknown location

Disc 1

01.[07:02] I Would Have Waited Forever

02.[04:59] Shock To the System

03.[06:57] Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day

04.[06:22] Lift Me Up

05.[04:44] Dangerous

06.[01:47] Ankor Wat

07.[04:43] Silent Talking

08.[04:58] The More We Live - Let Go

09.[05:07] Holding On

10.[05:32] Take the Water to the Mountain

11.[00:41] Mountain Exit

12.[05:02] Dangerous

13.[05:34] Dangerous

14.[04:32] Give and Take

Tracks 1-10 from Arista Union promo issues 1991-02-28

Tracks 11-14 various Union sessions

Disc 2

01.[05:30] She Walks Away (instrumental)

02.[06:00] She Walks Away

03.[06:05] It Must Be Love

04.[00:49] Shot in the Dark (demo)

05.[05:29] Shot in the Dark

06.[05:22] She Walk Away (instrumental #2)

07.[05:44] Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day

08.[03:55] Dangerous

09.[07:07] Lift Me Up

10.[04:53] The More We Live - Let Go

11.[05:37] Say Goodbye

12.[02:45] Distant Thunder

13.[04:58] Some Are Born

14.[05:02] Yesterday Boulevard

15.[03:29] On a Still Night

Tracks 1-8 ABWH Union demos

Tracks 9-11 Yes West Union demos

Track 12 Jon on Tommy Vance show 1994-08-05

Track 13 1978 Tormato Sessions

Tracks 14-15 Eddie Jobson solo single

Total 2:20:45

Jon Anderson

Steve Howe

Rick Wakeman

Chris Squire

Alan White

Bill Bruford

Trevor Rabin

Tony Levin

Billy Sherwood

Eddie Jobson

Lineage: ? > cdr trade circa 2004

Transfer: EAC > Flac (level 8) > you



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