Memorial Auditorium
Buffalo, Ny
April 26, 1991
A Boscoe Harris Analog Master Krw_Co Transfer

Lineage Audience Analog Master To Wav To Audio Cleaning Lab For
Track Marks And Tape Flip Edits To Wav 16/44.1 Krw Transfer To Tlh Flac Level 8

Gear Sony Wm-D3 W/Sony Ecm-909

The Band
Jon Anderson Vocals
Steve Howe Guitar
Bill Bruford Drums
Tony Kaye Keyboards
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
Alan White Drums
Chris Squire Bass
Trevor Rabin Guitar

Firebird Suit (Missing)
Yours Is No Disgrace (Missing)
Rhythm Of Love (Missing)

1 (Cut's In)Shock To The System (Small Silent Gap Edit At 2:12 Track Or Real Time )
2 Heart Of The Sunrise
3 Clap/Mood For A Day
4 Make It Easy
5 Owner Of A Lonely Heart
6 And You And I (Tape Flip Edit In Crowd At 42:58 Real Time Or 11:25 Track Time)
7 Drum Duet
8 Hold On
9 I've Seen All Good People
10 Kaye Solo
11 Changes
12 Solly's Beard
13 Long Distance Runaround/Whitefish(Tape Change Edit In Song At 88:02 Real Time Or 5:09 Track Time)
14 Amazing Grace
15 Lift Me Up
16 Wakeman Solo
17 Awaken(Tape Flip Edit In Crowd At 129:30 Real Time Or 18:15 Track Time)
18 Roundabout

Many Thanks To Boscoe For Letting Us Transfer His Masters And Share Them With All Of You

Please Dont Post This On Any Other Trackers We Will When We Get To It
And Please Dont Alter This Recording In Any Way.Thank You,As Always Enjoy.Cheers Krw_Co