Yes Cologne, Germany, Sporthalle June 2nd, 1991

Master audience recording
from my original Maxell XL II C-90 tapes

Artwork is included.

This concert I taped with my Sony WM D6 professional walkman
and an extra steroe-mikrophone (I can't remember what mikrophone it was).
I recorded it from a seat on the left side about 10 meters from the stage.

The sound quality is excellent -.
There is a cut in between "Changes" because I had to change the cassettes.
I could not manage to talk to Jon Anderson before the concert telling him not
to play those long songs to take care that I have enough time to change the cassettes.
..and of course I had to change the cassettes at "Changes (!!!)"
5 seconds before the end of that song.

Something went from by transferring it from tape to CD, so don't wonder
that there are two tracks (Track 9 & 10 on Disc 01) taht only last for 4 seconds.
That's just applause. I just noticed that after having finished all here.

Anyway, on this tour there were about eight YES-sers on stage.
So there was not much space on stage for each musician.


Disc 01
01 Intro: Firebird Suite
02 Yours is no disgrace
03 Rhythm of love
04 Shock to the system
05 Heart of the sunrise
06 Steve Howe - solo
07 Steve Howe - solo
08 Owner of a lonely heart
09 And you and I
10 Drum solo Alan White & Bill Bruford / Hold on

Disc 02
01 I've seen all good people
02 Tony Kaye - solo / Changes Part 1
03 Changes Part 2
04 Tervor Rabin - solo
05 Long distance runaround / Chris Squire - solo / Amazing grace
06 Lift me up

Disc 03
07 Rick Wakeman - solo
08 Awakening
09 Roundabout

Do not sell. For trading only. ...and perhaps for fun!!??