Yes Union Tour
Great Woods
Mansfield, Ma
1991 july 18

this is my master which i shared with practically no one untill now.

I recorded this listened to it a few times and then stored it in a plastic container that sat under my bed for years. This recording has several problems and I had no intention of ever sharing it. I think I may have lent it to one person who made a copy back in 1991 but my memory is a bit fuzzy on that. Since i haven't seen any other recordings of this show being traded i figured it's time to get this out there-warts and all.
so here's what went wrong.
The first problem i had was getting to my seat on time. so the first track(firebird) you can hear me struggling to get one of my mics turned on- lots of bumping and rustling noises.
the second problem was the seating. we had "good" seats inside the pavillion but the sound was rather horrible and people were constantly walking in front of me. also, if i remember right there was security nearby making me nervous. my friend and I decided to move after Rhythm of love. so the few tracks sound differen't from the rest of the show. it sounds like a differen't source but it's not.
so now we move on to the next set of problems. we walked around and found a sweet sounding spot on the lawn but i missed most of shock to the system. in fact you can hear me turn the deck back on and set up during the last part of that song. I decided to include that half a minute or so for historical purposes. really you'll probably want to delete it.
unfortunately, although we found an excellent spot for sound, i was still having some of the same difficulties of the first spot and there's no moving twice. Security was still making me nervous, lot's of loud people and i also remember a slight breeze and i didn't have wind screens. also it was a hot summer day so i probably didn't have socks to use as screens. i basically gave up at this point placed my equipment(back pack) on the ground and a few minutes later decided to use my hat as both a wind screen and a way to hide the mics. i figured it was better than turning the deck off which is what i felt like doing. this is also the heart breaking moment on the recording and the main reason it stayed under my bed for so many years.the minute i put that hat or whatever i used over those mics the quality drops- it becomes a bit muffled but is still listenable . this happens a few minutes into heart of the sunrise. also you can hear a hacky sack game going on during this song.
unfortunatlely that's not the end of the problems. i missed the tape flip and lost a few minutes of Owner Of a lonely heart- you can hear me go into my pack during Changes and my pack got kicked during squire's solo.

what this recording mostly needs is some eq and maybe a little hiss reduction. using a parmetric eq i was able to get parts of it to sound surprisingly good but i decided to leave raw for now and possibly make another version later on or maybe somone else might want to work their magic. the only fixes i did are a balancing,amplitude and i dropped the amplitude where the bag and mics got kicked.

2 Nakamichi cm100's> sony d3> cass tdk sa+ maxell xl2s
playback sony d6(filters off)> soundblaster card> adobe(edit,balance)> flac front end

from pavillion
1 firebird- mic noises
2 yours is no disgrace
3 rhythm of love
4 half minute of shock to the system- you'll want to delete this
5 heart of sunrise- gets muffled etc.
6 clap
7 make it easy- owner of a lonely heart- gets cut
8 and you nad i
9 drum duet
10 changes
11 i've seen all good people
12 solly's beard-rabin
13 saving my heart
14 squire solo- bag kick
15 lift me up
16 wakeman
17 awaken
18 roundabout

this recording is dedicated to my friend Will who attended the show with me.