Original Liner Notes:

Cd Res Version:

"The Dark Gold Dust Of Knowledge"
Live At The Concord Pavillion
August 7, 1991 Condord California

Recorded by John K.
Remastered and restored by Mister E. Tweaker
Info from John K. about the original recording:
Recorded from about the fifth row on Rick's side with a Sony D-3 with the stock microphone. In analog it sounds quite nice as denon chrome tapes were used. The 24bit flac version is very large: about 3.5 gb. It is straight from the master tapes with azimuth adjusted. No EQ is applied and adding bass is recommended. Only 'Make It Easy' is cut due to tape flip and a bit of the beginning of Saving My Heart. Roundabout is a bit weird with phase as I didn't really know what I was doing and got caught up in the best, closest Yes performance that I had seen. Good memories and a better performance than the next night (the last of the tour).
Info from Mister E. Tweaker:
Additional info #1:
The "Make It Easy (intro)" and the beginning part of "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" are patched with an alternate sourced recording, so there is a difference in audio quality.
Additional info #2:
There is some distortion and there are a few drop-outs in parts of the recording (most probably due to the recording circumstances, the recording equipment used and microphone level overload).
Additional info #3:
Mister E. Tweaker does not proclaim to be an expert in remastering or restoring (far from it), but did the best he could do with this recording.

Images etc. used for the cover art were found on the internet.

Fonts used: SF Intellivised Outline
SF Intellivised Extended

All audio files were tweaked using the Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Quickfilter with manual setting and 80% normalized.

17/187 17/375 11.5/750 8.5/1.5k 8.5/3k 10/65k 8/16k 10.5/48k

The setting was slightly altered for the patched audio part.
(light click/pop restoration was also done on the patched part)
Audio levels were balanced (master gain 91/100).

Adobe Audition was used to track the audio files.
Cool Edit Pro was used to convert from Hi Res to CD Res.

Audio files converted from wave to flac using Traders Little Helper.


01 Spoken Introduction By Venue Speaker
02 Opening: Firebird Suite
03 Yours Is No Disgrace
(Including Howe/Rabin Guitar Solo Battle)
04 Rhythm Of Love
05 Shock To The System
06 Heart Of The Sunrise
07 The Clap/Beginnings/The Clap (Reprise)

01 (Cuts In} Make It Easy (Intro)/Owner Of A Lonely Heart
02 And You And I
03 Bruford/White Drum Duet
04 Changes
05 I've Seen All Good People
06 Solly's Beard

01 (Fades In) Saving My Heart
02 Whitefish/Schindleria Praematura/Amazing Grace
(With Jon Anderson On Vocals)
03 Lift Me Up
04 Rick Wakeman Solo
(With Trevor Rabin On Guitar)
05 Awaken
06 Standing (And No Doubt Seated) Ovation
07 Encore: Roundabout


1.01 Spoken introduction by venue speaker (0.09)
1.02 Firebird Suite (3.03)
1.03 Yours Is No Disgrace (Including Howe/Rabin Guitar Solo Battle) (15.58)
1.04 Rhythm Of Love (5.49)
1.05 Shock To The System (6.31)
1.06 Heart Of The Sunrise (12.50)
1.07 The Clap - Beginnings - The Clap (Reprise) (7.17)

2.01 Make It Easy (cuts in) - Owner Of A Lonely Heart (8.30)
2.02 And You And I (10.39)
2.03 Bruford-White Drum Duet (6.03)
2.04 Changes (8.29)
2.05 I've Seen All Good People (11.12)
2.06 Solly's Beard (7.59)

3.01 Saving My Heart (fades in) (5.10)
3.02 Whitefish - Schindleria Praematura - Amazing Grace (with Jon Anderson on vocals) (10.10)
3.03 Lift Me Up (10.33)
3.04 Rick Wakeman Solo (with Trevor Rabin on guitar) (4.56)
3.05 Awaken (19.31)
3.06 Standing (and no doubt seated) ovation (2.26)
3.07 Roundabout (10.22)


Front&Back Cover incl.
Special Thanks to Mr. E.Tweaker