Details for Yes Talk Album Release Party
Recorded on audio tape from radio on 03/21/1994
Digitized through soundforge direct line recording.
Minor edits have been made in order to seperate the interviews from
the music. No music is being offered here, but it is all easily
obtained from the Album Talk.
Setlist is as Follows
01 Show Intro
02 Interview- Making Talk
03 Interview- The Calling
04 The Calling (removed)
05 Interview- Outro of the Calling
06 Interview- Song Writing
07 Interview- Real Love
08 Real Love (removed)
09 Interview- New recording techniques
10 Interview- I am waiting
11 I am Waiting (removed)
12 DJ announcements
13 Interview- Spirituality
14 Interview- State of Play
15 State of PLay (removed)
16 Interview- outro State of Play
17 Interview- Walls
18 Walls (removed)
19 Interview- outro Walls
20 Interview- Fan Questions
21 Interview- Endless Dreams
22 Endless Dream (removed)
23 Interview- outro Endless Dream
24 Interview- DJ ending
The tape cuts at this point but the remaining piece of show was
Bob Coburns sign off.
At the time I only had 90 minutes worth of cassette.