The Howard Stern Show
Special Guest: Yes (Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman & Alan White)

Keys To Ascension Promotion

Date: October 28, 1996


01. Pre Yes Interview 1 (0.32)
02. Pre Yes Interview 2 (1:47)
03. Yes Interview Part One (16:19)
04. Yes Interview Part Two (9:22)
05. Yes Interview Part Three - includes All Good People / Roundabout (10:46)

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Notes from a Stern archive website:

YES Comes In To Attempt A Few Songs. 10/28/96.

Howard was complaining last week about how bad the equipment is at K-Rock. He didn't even want to have
YES in to do their thing. That's the way he should have kept it. This was probably one of the worst
appearances by a band yet! Not that they're bad musically, it's just the way they mix the music and voice.
Howard was left out of the mixing for the first song and it sounded awful. The band members couldn't hear
themselves like they needed to and they couldn't concentrate on what they were doing. They actually
started laughing halfway through the song and gave up singing! Howard took over for the second song,
Roundabout, and it helped a tiny bit but still sounded bad but they actually finished the song.

YES is out promoting their new album and this probably didn't help. They've gotten back together
after breaking up many times in the past. Howard spoke to them a little bit before their nightmare songs.
They talked about their drug and alcohol abuse and about their previous break-ups.

After they left Howard just went off on everyone working at the station, mostly Tom Chiusano who won't
get the right people in to fix the problem. Howard is supposed to be moving to the new studio in the
next 3 weeks or so but he doesn't think that things will change. They may have more room but it will
probably still sound like crap. Howard spent a better part of the morning yelling and screaming about
this mess so he never got to Stuttering John's interviews from last week.

MagickBalls Review:

If you are a fan of Yes, then this is pretty cool to have. Good quality. The above review is far
worse then it really was. Pretty comical actually.

Note: Howard talked about drugs, not the band. Rick did talk about his drinking.


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