November 21, 1997
Palace Theatre, Louisville KY


Mid Balcony location, Sony MS907 Stereo Mic >Sony D-7 , 48 kHz

Transfer: 1997

DAT > Marantz650 (for sample rate conversion) > Roland VS-880EX>QPS burner at 4x > CDR > Audacity > wav > FLAC

there is a small 15 second gap edit in The revealing science of god because we had 60 meter DATS so we exceeded 120 min during that tune

Disc one:

1. Siberian Khatru
2. Rhythmn of Love
3. America
4. Open Your Eyes
5. And, You & I
6. Heart of the Sunrise

Disc two:

1. diary of a vanished man
2. the clap
3. mood for a day
4. leaves of green
5. children of light
6. keyboard solo
7. long distance runaround
8. the fish
9. drum solo
10. owner of a lonely heart
11. soon

Disc 3

1. revealing science of god
2. seen all good people
3. roundabout
4. starship trooper (encore)


Review from Forgotten Yesterdays website: circa Nov. 1997

Donald Loeffler
I just saw YES at the Louisville Palace Theatre in Louisville, Ky on 11-21-97. The Palace holds about 2000 people and it is a very elegant decor. It looks a little bit like the Syria Mosque in Pitt. Pa. but had been newly remodeled with millions of dollars.

Now onto YES!

After reviewing this site, it seems that the set lists have been the same for every show. Maybe, that is reason for cancelled dates. It would be nice if YES would alter setlist at least every two show, I'm sure, it would help sales. I sat in the balcony; after listening to the DAT, I must say the sound was excellent and rather loud. They start a little timid, but then like the good musicians they are, they find their niche in the venues acoustics. Igor was fine in the mix, the only thing I thought could be better were White's hi-hat's and other cymbals could have been louder, however, I was in the balcony center. Highlights, Siberian Khatru, definitely, America, Soon, Starship Trooper, the end jam of Owner.. Lonely Heart. And you and I, Heart of the Sunrise, Long distance... out of the fish!! Disappointments: No, yours is no disgrace, close to the edge, (yeah, I know it's long, but let's let the next generation have a chance to see it, in it's entirety).

As a musician myself, I can usually tell if a band is playing above or below it's par, providing I'm somewhat familiar with their music. I saw all band members, communicating well with cues, energetic, and generally democratic with their solos. ( on the songs as well as features of ) I've never seen Steve Howe play before so I'll say I was blown away, he kinda sounds like the jazz guitar legend Jim Hall trying to play progressive "rock" music. I thought Steve�s emotional quality was great, as well as: note selection on solos, and his musical phrasing is incredible. Despite, what people say about Steve being past his mark, we must remember that "real" musicians change with age, they might not play as fast, but they choose the better notes. Chris Squire always plays great, flawless and clean, great vocals and very energetic, and sometimes acts weird on stage, but I kinda like it. Jon Anderson is great, good voice mix, however, I don't know if he uses a in ear monitor system but this might be Jon's answer to occasional flat pitch. I'm just nit-pickin' a little, he�s always great and full of light. Alan White great player, good mix and is exceptional covering the Bill Bruford stuff. The only thing I could do without, and would be neat if they did it, if he used a huge bass drum with a mallet on seen all good people instead of the midi trigger, it certainly would be more dramatic. Igor, the new key board player, sounds great, I loved his Piano Solo, full of influences to have been from the USSR. Keep it up, Igor, it sounds great. And for the producer, the other guitar player, he sounded good, especially on the cover of Rabin's solo on Owner ... Heart, I really think they should drop that song, it kind of a embarrassment for this YES line-up especially Howe. C'mon, he had to take the abridged solo to re-deem himself. I thought the concert lighting was good, especially the ol' 70's mirror ball effect on a couple of songs, especially starship trooper.

I thought the band played above par; I saw many smiles on the bands faces from the balcony. Although, I think the ambiance of the Palace Theatre, entices a good performance from many bands. It's truly, some thing to see, a work of art; Anderson, comments many times about the decor of the theatre.

I have seen YES on the Big Generator Tour out of high school and I thought this tour was overall better because I think this lineup is a little more definitive and honest to the YES sound. I really missed howe during the 80's and I'm sorry, but it ain't YES with out Squire. However, I really enjoyed the Rabin line-up in the 80's, that was hot seeing all that. Can't wait to hear the "Open Your Eyes" release.