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Yes Dusseldorf Philipshalle 1998-03-11 (Metamarc Version)

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Bootleg Title:
Open your ears

Venue City Country Date
Philipshalle,Dusseldorf, Germany, 1998-03-11

Track List:

01 Intro Firebird Suite
02 Siberian Khatru
03 Rhythm Of Love
04 America
05 Open your eyes
06 And You And I
07 Heart Of The Sunrise
08 Mood For A Day
09 Ram
10 Clap
11 From The Balcony
12 Wonderous Stories (incomplete)
13 Jon Introducing Igor Khoroshev
14 Keyboard Solo
15 Long Distance Runaround
16 Whitefish
17 Owner Of A Lonely Heart
18 The Revealing Science Of God
19 Ive Seen All Good People
20 Roundabout
21 Starship Trooper


Jon Anderson - voc
Chris Squire - bass
Steve Howe - guitars
Alan White - drums
Igor Khoroshev - keys


Audience Recording / Exc. - Exc. (-)

"The Social Taper" (wants to stay anonymous)

Unknown DAT recorder > CD-R > CD-R to WAV and to harddisc via Free Rip3 >WAV to FLAC conversion with Traders Little Helper (sector boundaries aligned)- ffp with Traders Little Helper-Torrent file with Maketorrent; equalized with Har-Bal; tweaked with Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 17

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Though I was attending the show this is not my recording (and I wonder where mine has disappeared to...) but a friend's one. It seems that this source has not circulated that much. In fact there's a tape from another source known to a lot of traders that has an inferior sound and is missing portions of TRSOG. This one is different but unfortuantely incomplete as well (most likely due to a DAT tape change) as it's missing substantial portions of Wonderous Stories. There are some mic noises at the beginning but not too distracting. I did some equalization with Har-Bal and a couple of other things, too (f.i.correcting fluctuating volume changes and subdueing applause). It sounds rather nice to my ears and I hope you will like it, too. In order to not confuse this source with the other one mentioned before (sometimes entitled "A Wonderful Night In Dusseldorf") I called this one OPEN YOUR EARS (yeah...not that creative...I know). I also created some basic artwork - feel free to make a better one - I would appreciate! Enjoy the music!

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