"Arena of Yes Music"
Arena Hall
Poznan, Poland

Source: AUD
Lineage: ? -> CDR -> EAC (FLAC)
Quality: B+
Artwork: none

Disc 1:

Firebird Suite/Siberian Khatru
Rhythm Of Love
Open Your Eyes
And You And I
Heart Of The Sunrise
Heart Of The Sunrise pt. II
Mood For A Day (Howe)
Galliard / Windy&Warm (Howe)
Clap (Howe)

Disc 2:

From The Balcony
Wonderous Stories
Polonaise / Dance Impressions In D Major (Khoroshev Solo)
Long Distance Runaround
Excerpt from Ritual
Excerpt from Tempus Fugit
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
I've Seen All Good People
Starship Trooper

A decent audience recording from OYE Tour. This show was a bit shorter than others because the band was a few minutes late, so they dropped RSOG.

The crowd is noisy and full of enthusiasm. You'll hear clapping in the most unexpected places. But this was the first Yes visit in Poland in their 30-years history.

Excerpt from the review:

>> It was in Poznan, before the show, that I overheard the unquestioned quote of
the tour. Two ladies strolling the park lanes, both looking over 50 years of
age, certainly not rock-fan types - and visibly interested in the goings-on
around the Arena hall, the British trucks, the busy road crew, the swarming
security people. I was walking a few feet behind them, and here's what I heard
one of them say:

"Oh, it's that show tonight, this band, they played Warsaw the other day,
what's-their-name, YES, that's it, Yes. It's some old band, but they used to
be really big, sort of like the Beatles."

Made my day, this last part. This lady obviously had next to no clue about the
show, and it's a safe bet she'd never heard any Yes music and was aware of it,
and yet she knew... "sort of like the Beatles." I felt... vindicated." <<

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