Symphony Hall
April 16 1998

1. Firebird Suite Intro
2. Siberian Khatru
3. Rhythm Of Love
4. America
5. Open Your Eyes
6. And You And I
7. Heart Of The Sunrise

1. Mood For A Day
2. Sketches In the Sun
3. Clap
4. From The Balcony
5. Wonderous Stories
7. Keyboard Solo
5. Long Distance Runaround->
8. The Fish
9. Owner of A Lonely Heart

1. The Revealing Science Of God
2. I've Seen All Good People
3. Roundabout
4. Starship Trooper

Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony TCD-D7
Transferred to .wav on a Phillips CDR deck (model unknown)
.wav files converted to FLAC8 via Trader's Little Helper

An EBR Recording