Yes (Nagra IV-S) Marcus Amphitheater Milwaukee WI USA (UNCIRCULATED) * July 11th 1998 * 24b/192K ** POSTED BY ANALOG **

A Nagra IV-S reel to reel release.

A Covid-19 quarantine release! :)
Hot Off The Heads Production! :) Just archived May 25th 2020 yeah!!

Mics: AKG 414 ULS
Recorder: Nagra IV-S reel to reel @ 7 1/2 ips 3M 967 1.5 mil tape
Location: My favorite sweet spot at the Marcus
Cassettes: 3M-967 1.5 mil tape good for 49 minutes
Playback: Nagra IV-S (not same identical unit). Tape speed and head alignment adjusted
Chord Company Interconnect Cable (Naim Co.)
Run through the Naim Audio NAC-52 preamp to the Sound Devices-722 @ 24b/192kHz
Sound Forge just to track. NO OTHER BULLSHIT!

I have saved this as the best of the last 3 shows. I remember the sound was smoking DYNANIC! I don't remember the woo wooer to my right that needed a tranquillizer dart! He mellowed later on as the alcohol was the dart. I need to hear this on my best stereo system and not the PC! All 3 reels are virgin plays as I made sure of it! Rest in peace Chris Squire!! Enjoy RB

Let me know how it plays out guys!

It was Deep Purple I discovered the gunk build up on these masters: Both Purple reels were played to this discovery, after playing the Fogerty 1st reel I stopped! Then baked the tapes at 135 degrees!!

(from the Fogerty upload)
I have not played a reel to reel in 14 years. I played the first of 3 for the Fogerty and it came out terrible!!! There was so much build up of gunk on the tape heads it sounded like three socks were on each microphone. I knew all about this method but did not think it would happen to me. After all my 1981 cassettes have been wonderful. The reels are from 1997. I had to bake the reels at 135 degrees in my air fryer under the dehydrate setting for 6 hours before running them. With this said. Reel tape 1 of 3 was played twice in a few days and reel 2 & 3 were virgin since 1998. As you play this, you can hear this!!! The baking of the tapes worked though!! No gunk build up.

Understand that all this archiving that is recorded in 24b/192khz I am doing SOLELY for myself. It is the best sound! Sharing it in cd format is lossy. If you really enjoy these archives get them at this resolution despite the file size. Down the road you will NOT be sorry. Is this a nice enough way to say it?

***Everything I do for my stereo room and gear is carefully chosen for the finest of quality control. This means A to B comparisons for EVERYTHING! I leave no stone unturned. I decide if what I do will end up being a more musical experience and not the opposite like more processed sounding. I split hairs!! I have learned what is more musical from all the decades of listening to differences. Stereo and audio gear is not nearly as subjective as people make it out to be. It is either more musical or more processed sounding at the end of the day. One more thing I learned, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE SAME! Practically the same yes! The same, NO! So with this all said…..I thank all the people here for the great compliments since I came here in 2006. It means a lot to me after decades of sleepless nights and stressful days carrying in top shelve equipment every time out!***

With every digital transfer the master tapes become obsolete. If you try any which way to transfer them again they won't sound as good. As long as there are ample backups of course there is no need for them.


01 - intro taped
02 - Siberian Khatru
03 - Rhythm of Love
04 - talk
05 - Yours Is No Disgrace
06 - talk
07 - Open Your Eyes
08 - talk
09 - And You and I
10 - Heart of the Sunrise
11 - talk
12 - Ram- Clap
13 - talk
14 - Long Distance Runaround
15 - Whitefish-Bass Drum Solo
16 - talk
17 - Owner of a Lonely Heart
18 - talk
19 - Wonderous Stories
20 - Close to the Edge
21 - talk
22 - I've Seen All Good People
23 - crowd
24 - Roundabout
25 - fade out