Music Hall (Public Hall)
Cleveland, Ohio
November 12, 1997

Source: ? Possible cassette or DAT origin > CD transfer > trade acquisition.

01 - Firebird Suite (fades in)
02 - Siberian Khatru
03 - Rhythm Of Love
04 - America *
05 - Open Your Eyes
06 - Jon Talk
07 - And You And I
08 - Heart Of The Sunrise
09 - Clap ^
10 - Mood for a Day
11 - Tales Excerpt / Leaves of Green
12 - Children of Light

01 - Igor Khoroshev (piano solo)
02 - Long Distance Runaround -->
03 - The Fish "WhiteFish"
04 - Owner of a Lonely Heart
05 - Soon
06 - Revealing Science of God
07 - I've Seen All Good People
08 - Roundabout
09 - Starship Trooper

Seeded per request of "SilverShoes." This was probably one of the first couple dozen Yes snail-mail trades I acquired, because early on I made a point of finding copies of all Yes shows I attended. I was at this gig, but hadn't started taping shows myself yet. Listening back to this, it wasn't a shocker that I'd had it untouched in storage so long. It is by no means a high quality recording. It sounds like a fair audience recording made at some distance from the stage and PAs, and with some generation loss. Good performance, though.

*A quarter of the way through "America" the sound drops out on the recording. I believe this was result of some kind of tape degredation or transfer process; I do not believe there was a problem with the source recording (you can still hear the band playing the song as if nothing extraordinary occurred). I adjusted the volume with Nero Wave Editor to bring the drop-out back up a bit, then applied mild noise reduction to eliminate some hiss, but it will still be evident when listening that the recording was compromised somehow.

^Clap fades halfway through and, on the source recording, fades into Mood for a Day (already in progress). I can only speculate that, if this was a cassette recording, a tape flip occurred. Not sure why else an otherwise good-sounding recording of a Steve Howe solo bit would be chopped in half. I used CD Wave Editor to separate the tracks between the fade points.

#At the beginning of the recording you hear Taper Guy 1 tell his buddy, Taper Guy 2, something like "It's recording...just hit the adjust for levels." I don't recall a portable cassette tape recorder in the late 90s that allowed for recording levels to be adjusted. That's a more common feature on DATs, no?