A Union in Worcester
Jon Anderson- vocals
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Tony Kaye- keyboards
Steve Howe- guitar
Trevor Rabin- guitar
Chris Squire- bass
Alan White- drums
Bill Bruford- drums
The Centrum
Worcester, Mass. U.S.A.
April 17, 1991
performance quality: A! Very good show
recording quality: Somewhere between B and B+, pretty nice.
The applause gets rather loud between songs but stays
mostly reasonable during the music.
source: master audience tape (last song 1st gen.)
total runtime: 169:12
Realistic mini-mikes >
Sony D-6 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII-S cassettes >
played on Naka. 125 into soundforge >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.

disc 1: (1st set 68:01)
1: firebird suite > yours is no disgrace 17:48
2: the rhythm of love 5:52
3: shock to the system 5:59
4: heart of the sunrise 11:41 (mostly mono)
5: the clap > mood for a day 7:30
6: owner of a lonely heart 6:56
7: and you and I 12:12

disc 2: (2nd set 77:49)
8: drum duet > hold on 13:01
9: Tony Kaye solo > changes 8:34
10: guitar solo Rabin 7:54
11: long distance runaround >
whitefish (with tempest fugit slice) >
amazing grace 14:01
12: lift me up 8:25
13: keyboard solo Wakeman 5:20
14: awaken 20:31

disc 3: (encores 23:21)
15: encore 1: roundabout 9:34
16: encore 2: starship trooper 13:47 (from 1st gen. Sony D-6 recording)
Do not sell this recording.
(that makes yes say no)
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
this one is a fine concert from the Union (of lawyers) tour. It is the whole concert.
All but the last song is from my master and the last song from 1st gen of almost same
source quality so you may not even notice any difference. (all from Sony D-6 recordings.)
This is a (very) full show from the Union tour, and it's a very strong performance
all the way through. This was about my tenth or so time seeing Bruford
in some sort of arrangement and he's always been hot whenever I've seen
him, no matter who with (and well appreciated). they were all on for this gig.
Since their last show at Boston Garden (1984, which I was told was a fiasco),
Yes had basically moved their Boston Garden concert barbecue over to Worcester in the 80's,
who did get a good 1984 concert, and probably a good 87 one too. I was supposed
to go to the 87 but didn't because I couldn't find any microphones. 89 was a
series of recording fiascos, finally after many tries, I got 1 good recording
of Yes with Jon Anderson (and in this case, the full package.) before an enthusiastic
crowd. All of this is from my master tape, except the second encore, and it is all
here, no cuts or gaps or recording problems, and while not a Naka. recording, it
sounds pretty nice. As always (now that I know how), a sound sample is attached.
the first time this was posted in 2008 it was from the same recording, but it had
a CD > CD extractor step in the lineage, because it was a bit of a project to get it to
sound good, and I didn't want to do a new transfer, but... this is a yes show.
This is a fresh transfer from the original master tapes, to remove that extra step.
the first one came out pretty well, this one sounds a little better and more balanced.
I decided to do this partly because I found out the levels in the 1st post were a little
unbalanced in a few parts, and that's just not acceptable to me. they are balanced in here.
I did some clap reduction in the 1st one but it still sounded pretty clappy. some of that
is still true in here too, but I think this one is a little less clappy, especially between
the songs where the loudest claps have been reduced in volume by 3-4 db. there were a few
short sections that had to be monoized, and one long one in most of "heart of the sunrise",
due to mike chord problems, but most of it sounded good and now there are no jarring interruptions
or loud noises other than the concert and the welcoming response to it. I also monoized a
few short sections in Awaken where there was a loud scream in the right side during the quiet
part, because that seemed the best way to reduce the scream volume without reducing Rick's
quiet keyboard solo at the beginning of it. It's almost all a "masters of rock" production.
there's a fade in for the beginning of each set, and a fadeout at the end of the 1st set.
Otherwise it is a "seamless recording" (the previous one had a fadeout after roundabout and
a fade in before starship trooper).