YES Live June 24, 2000 Devore CA.
(uncirculated Aud Master)

Lineage: Sony WM-3D Pro cassette recorder>Master tape to CD-R using stand-alone CD burner(sorry mods dont have the model)>CD-R>EAC>TLH>you

Loc: Appx. 10th row center


01 Intro
02 Close to the edge
03 Starship Trooper
04 The Gates of Delirium
05 Leaves of Green (excerpt from The Ancient)
06 Heart of the Sunrise
07 Ritual
08 Roundabout

OK, While doing my daily search on the Dime I saw that there may be a "Yes drought on Dime"

I'm a Yes fan and my friend "Phred" is a huge Yes fan.
I was not at this concert but "Phred" was and did the recording.
I called "Phred" told him of the "drought"
I told him I've got "Blockbuster 2000 from your master he said "up it".

"Phred" thinks it was 10th row but didn't have time to pull the stub.

A good soild recording for the "Blockbuster Pavilion" (outdoors)

And to Jon "Get well soon"

Enjoy all.