July 15, 2000 (Saturday)
Jones Beach Amphitheater
Wantagh, New York, USA

Jon Anderson - vocals, guitar & percussion
Steve Howe - guitars
Chris Squire - bass & timpani
Alan White - drums & percussion
Igor Khoroshev - keyboards & percussion

Lineage: Master DAT(2) > CDR(1) > xACT (extraction) > Sound Studio (remove glitch in 1 track) > xACT (FLAC level 5) > Dime > You

This is a fearless-pigeon tape.
Certainly one of the best captures of the tour, an exceptional recording from 5th row dead center, completely immerses you in the Jones Beach experience. (Those who've been to the venue will understand.) The definition of the instruments owes more to the stage equipment than to the PA, but Jon's comments are easy to hear. Set the volume of Leaves of Green as if the performers were right in front of you and you'll get the idea of how loud this should be played.

It is Saturday Night after a Friday off without real travel inbetween. It rained all day but the weather broke just in time for Kansas to start their set by without rain. By the time Yes went on the moon was up and the sky was clear.
The band always seem to enjoy themselves in this venue, and this is another one of those nights. Hear for yourself.


Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra intro (Britten)
Close To The Edge
Starship Trooper
Gates Of Delirium
Leaves Of Green (Jon & Steve)
Heart Of The Sunrise
Your Move ~ I've Seen All Good People
encore applause
Roundabout (short version)

Support the Band. Buy their stuff. Trade the live audience recordings freely & turn your friends on to this kind of music.

Enjoy the show!

yes_2000-07-15_01 Young Persons Guide.flac:3ec9178705cf7db9e6f70dc8c5514057
yes_2000-07-15_02 Close To The Edge.flac:c5fdd0c7ebbb9c583f09308c930c0ed1
yes_2000-07-15_03 Starship Trooper.flac:1691750e22c71d869f799237eb01e1cf
yes_2000-07-15_04 Gates Of Delirium.flac:65c91fa2a81f2719c30d78d5b8ba7e70
yes_2000-07-15_05 Leaves Of Green.flac:3ac344dd8bb85807cd20c256a6d60b43
yes_2000-07-15_06 Heart Of The Sunrise.flac:6c9e7aa998204840c98b57dd3d68da24
yes_2000-07-15_07 Ritual.flac:d425fd97eaedb1f7fae93f5aaae5cdd7
yes_2000-07-15_08 I've Seen All Good People.flac:5000ed2fbdd4137d001565ddb1b44605
yes_2000-07-15_09 encore applause.flac:e8675243bcc6be859135bb8b2ede18c9
yes_2000-07-15_10 Roundabout.flac:d8eb729409f85bfebe38159b113a3dc6