The Entertainment Centre at
Camden, New Jersey
18 July 2000

shn files shared by dave ;] in a folder named: 2000, 07-18 - hybrid version
audience recording

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Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Alan White (Drums)
Igor Khoroshev (Keyboards)


d1.01.Intro - Close To The Edge
d1.02.Starship Trooper
d1.03.Gates Of Delirium
d1.04.Leaves of Green

d2.01.Heart of the Sunrise
d2.03.I've Seen All Good People

Description (as included in 2008 upload by velvetsailor):

2x Aud Source Hybrid

Info file contents:

Yes at The E-Center Camden,NJ July 18th 2000 Hybrid YesSwap offer

Post made to early 2001

....... I've been working to produce a recording combining the mid/high end rich mini disc recording I made (cardioid mics set forward) with the DAT recording made just a few seats away (binaural mics) at Camden 07-18-00. But realize I'm no Bartz, and am doing what I can with Cooledit Pro on my home computer. It's been a labor of love. I say this as a fan of Yes since I was delivering newspapers at age 12. My hope is that it reflects the true energy of being there! Enough of all this explanation......

A little history on how this recording came to be:

Rog Pecsok got me great seats in the pit for Yes/Kansas 07-18-00. The other seats in the row were occupied by his son John, John's friend Rob, Eddie Wass from and myself. I had purchased a minidisc recorder for my son along with a set of low cost cardioid mics from Core Sounds. My son Daniel and I attended a few concerts over the lastyear including Oasis/Travis, The Who and Red Hot Chili Peppers/ Foo Fighters of which I recorded the last two in preparation for Yes. I worked out the "bugs" in how the mics were set up, levels and disc change timing I would be ready. The recording by itself has been given anywhere from a B+ to an A on the lists I've seen. However when I compared my recording to the discs from Andy of the Reno show, I was disapointed with the bass response of mine. I tried using another inferior recording as the basis for boosting just the bass by mixing the two together that resulted in mixed results not worthy of general trade. I then
attended Pearl Jam with my son to cap off a great season of summer concerts and of course legitimatly recorded it for posterity's sake. When I started trading, I noticed a boot on Dave R's site a Yes/Kansas 07-18-00 set of CDRs (A) that mentioned it having been recorded from the pit, excellant quality. I of course was beaming from what I thought was a review of the recording I had made that day. I figured it had made the trade rounds to him rather quickly and that made me feel even more proud. Then I noticed a bootleg name had been given it and suddenly I was starting to get a little suspious that it had made it's way in trade to a Highland or other pirate. I wasn't happy thinking those thoughts. I started to ask questions of Dave so as to determine the source, and why a name, only to find out that he had personally recorded it only two seats away in the same row! He was seat 45 in the Pit Row 8 (Steve's side) and I was seat 48! When I received the CDRs in exchange for Pear
l Jam and The Who, I imediatly listened for the crowd noise and found the same woos and hoots on my copy. His copy had much better stereo separation and what some may consider excessive bass but lacked in the mid range and vocal department. I did a test with Gate Of Delirium and found that the two together were a perfect fit! And so was sown the seed that would become the basis for this project I'm calling: