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Yes - Magnification At The Mann (Philadelphia, PA) August 21, 2001 (3cd)
Length: 164 min + 42 min
Quality: Aud A (sample posted)

Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2001
City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America
Venue: Mann Music Center
Capacity: 14,000

Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Alan White (Drums)
Tom Brislin (Keyboards)
With: Mann Orchestra (Conducted by William Straumburg)

CD 1
1.01 Give Love Each Day (2.43)
1.02 Close To The Edge (20.23)
1.03 Orchestral Intro (1.17)
1.04 Long Distance Runaround (5.01)
1.05 Don't Go (5.30)
1.06 In The Presence Of (11.44)
1.07 The Gates Of Delirium (22.02)

CD 2
2.01 Winter (2.35)
2.02 The Clap (4.50)
2.03 Wonderous Stories (3.54)
2.04 Perpetual Change (11.22)
2.05 And You And I (13.00)
2.06 Ritual (28.09)

CD 3
3.01 Jon Talking (1.05)
3.02 I've Seen All Good People (7.05)
3.03 Applause (3.21)
3.04 Starship Trooper a) Life Seeker b) Disillusion (5.43)
3.05 Starship Trooper c) W�rm (6.26)
3.06 Roundabout (8.01)
3.07 Orchestral Rehearsals (42.15)

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checksum files tested.

There are some click like sounds here and there, but
that is the way they are on my discs, don`t know
if it`s just my source or that it is from the master.

Also as there was the seemingly lossy problem with my previous upload (Yes HMH Nov 21, 2001), i decided to call on the help of the Dime Mods. Mod jupiter 2101 was kind enough to help me figure out if this torrent was o.k. to uplaod or not. It took some time, but i got the o.k. to upload. jupiter 2101 asked a friend (fellow Mod?) as he said it was o.k. I asked if it was o.k. to use that confirmation in my textfile, but jupiter 2101 could not speak for his friend, but i could upload the torrent and include the EAC FA & SA, which i did. So i hope all is well then (and many thanks to the Mods that helped).

I hope you enjoy this one as much as i had uploading it for you!

I`m not online 24/7, it is what it is!

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Mike Purdy Yesworld Review:

Venue: Philadelphia, PA, August 21
Posted by: Mike (mpurdy@jwpepper.com)

A previous reviewer (Barry) suggested some words from a member of
the orchestra that played the Mann Ctr performance might be
interesting. Well, I was pleased to be in the orchestra that night.
I know there are many opinions about the use of the orchestra at
this concert but I�m very please that no one said the orchestra
sucked (smile).

I�m not sure what you�d like to know but let me start off by saying
that this is very demanding music in every respect. Without getting
technical the charts call for tremendous concentration to negotiate
the complex rhythmic passages, amazing physical endurance to play at
the sustained volume called for (I�m a brass player) and the parts
push the limits of range (high and low) of the instruments. It was
really a night�s work to say the least. Add to this that we were
allowed a 2-hour rehearsal including the 15-minute break required by
the union (It�s really expensive to pay for an orchestra of that
size). Much of the time had to be spent on working out the complex
metrics of the music and some of the straight-ahead material we did
not play until the concert.

The conductor was in total control of the session. He knew the
music upside down and backwards. He was totally in touch with the
flexibility needed for the band (YES) to give a performance that was
not a cookie cutter dog and pony show (more on this later). Now, he
took over the position after the tour started and, if I remember
correctly, he told me this was show number 10 for him. It was
really a display of musicianship that he worked so closely with the
band to keep the whole thing from crashing and burning.

It was mentioned somewhere in the reviews that the orchestral
accompaniment kept the group from being as spontaneous as in shows
without orchestra. This is somewhat true but not the total picture.
Each of us had a headset that allowed the conductor to give us
changes as they were happening during the performance and allow the
band to somewhat change the piece as they felt moved to. His
comments would range from instructions to the timpanist to not play
the percussive hits in his part as the percussionist in YES elected
to play them, to an unannounced repeat of a section and included
compliments and encouragement when the orchestra followed him or
executed a particularly difficult passage.

All in all this was quite an experience. Definitely not the typical
gig orchestral or otherwise. While I am proud of the level of
professionalism displayed by the orchestra I can only think of what
an additional performance would have been with the orchestra knowing
the music on a deeper level.

I�m certainly glad to have been part of this performance and hope
the opportunity comes around again.

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