Milano, PalaVobis
November 17, 2001

I got this in a trade, no info about lineage, excellent audience, another source than metrocubo, complete show.

1. Intro / Close To The Edge
2. Long Distance Runaround
3. Don't Go
4. Tour Song
5. In The Presence Of
6. The Gates Of Delirium
7. Concerto in D
8. Mood For A Day

1. Starship Trooper
2. And You And I
3. Ritual
4. I've Seen All Good People
5. Roundabout

Lineage: trade cdr>eac>flac frontend level 8>you

Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Alan White (Drums)
Tom Brislin Orchestra